Antarctic Peninsula

You embark with us in Ushuaia. After a brief passage near the islands of the extreme south of Patagonia (Navarino, Wollaston, …), we cross the Drake Passage (4 days) to reach the peninsula.

South Georgia

You leave from Port Stanley (Falkland Islands), towards the island of extremes: isolation, weather conditions and density of wildlife. We go there specifically in October, at the time of the explosion of life linked to the reproduction of several species.

Patagonian Channels

Organized by the Karukinka association, these stays have an exceptional human dimension. You will discover all the facets of the Patagonian canals: its landscapes of wild fjords and glaciers, but also the local products and the ancestral culture of those who preceded us in these places: the yagans.


A much smaller sailboat but very comfortable as well, Baba Yaga takes you a few months each year to follow the footsteps of mythical expeditions like those of Professor Jean Malaurie

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Destinations on request

Falkland Islands

Port Stanley

Falkland Sound

Port Stephens

Port Louis

Fox Bay

Patagonian channels

Puerto Williams

Punta Arenas

Puerto Natales

Puerto Eden

Puerto Montt

Staten Island

Strait of Lemaire

The Lighthouse at the End of the World

Port Hoppner

Crossley bay

Port Cook

Northern Hemisphere

Scoresby Sound



Orkneys and Hebrides islands

Shetland islands

Feroe Islands

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